Photography Class

OLLI Litchfield – Coastal Carolina University
David E. Fattaleh

*This Advanced Photography class is structured to enhance your
photography to a higher level:
A professional approach on how to photograph in a creative,
artistic, and design format.*


The excitement of teaching photography and sharing my knowledge has always been my passion. As photographers, we all have varying aspirations of what we want to shoot with our cameras. With this in mind, I have developed a set of unique photography classes to help all levels of photographers reach their full potential. Whether you’re a beginner or novice photographer, or even if you’re an advanced enthusiast looking for solid understanding and mastery of your photography passion, this course is for you.

All four classes will be based on understanding “LIGHT”

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  • In the first class, you will learn the Elements of Photography. This class will cover Photography of Merit, Photography of Art, and Photography of Design. Also, you will be presented a study on Advanced Composition, as a great way to see the subject and use the other elements, in your scene, to enhance your direction to the subject.
  • The second class, you will be introduced to “Seeing the Light”. This class will cover “light” and all the aspects of understanding how your camera captures light. We will cover the Exposure Triangle, Bracketing, Depth of Field, and the Zone System. Along with studying Light, we will cover photography in Black & White. This will give you and understanding on seeing your color images in black and white, and how the camera captures the reflective light to record your images in color.
  • The third class will cover basic photography in: Close Up / Macro, Sunrise/Sunsets/Scenic Photography, Wildlife, and Night photography.
  • In the forth class, you will learn about photographing at Night and how to photograph Wildlife. Also, there will be an introduction to the PhotoShop Elements program as well as learning about the Histogram in your camera and in PhotoShop.

At the last half hour of the Second and Third class, there will be a Critique Session. Here we will look at your photography and have an instructional and informative session on how to critique images

All levels are “WELCOME”. This is an enjoyable and fun class for YOU! It will bring the joy of photography for you and to all who view your images.

Litchfield OLLI – Course # XPHO 169 L01

Look for my next class in the winter/spring catalog of 2018.

David Fattaleh   –